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Kristin Balder-Froid

Head of Strategic Development

Kristin manages strategic funding opportunities and key institutional relationships for cross-functional cooperation and cultivates resources to support the Lab’s diverse community of researchers.

Kristin joined LBNL in 1993 from UC Santa Cruz, where she took her degree. Over her career, she has worked across the Lab to ensure it is leveraging and building on its distinct strengths as a national laboratory. She championed strategic planning for funding opportunity development and capture, including large-scale competitive research and early-stage opportunities, and the cultivation of external relationships with key strategic partners to strengthen institutional research priorities. These efforts have contributed to the success of six major science and technology centers and many smaller efforts, while pioneering collaborations across a range of disciplines, academia and the private sector.  

Kristin’s experience extends to commercial theatre, film and television where she worked in development and management. She retains an interest in the intersection of the arts and science.

B.A. Aesthetic Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz