Gifts of money or equipment that support the scientific mission of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory may be accepted with proper review and approval. For specific procedures, see Donor Instructions, Monetary Gift Procedural Requirements or Equipment Gift Procedural Requirements.

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Gift Policies

Gifts are distinctly different from Sponsored Projects such as SPPs and CRADAs. For example, a gift imposes no contractual requirements and is given irrevocably. See Gifts vs. Sponsored Projects for a complete list of distinguishing features.

To read the lab’s complete gift policy, outlining all steps to be completed before a gift is approved, go here. Please note that equipment gifts cannot be brought on site until the approval process is completed.

The following criteria are considered in the DOE Contracting Officer’s review of gift documentation:

  • the work shall be on a non-interference basis with DOE directed work;
  • the work enhances the capabilities of the Laboratory to continue to perform its mission or create new capabilities consistent with overall needs of DOE;
  • the Laboratory will not knowingly use its access to the Laboratory facilities under this program to compete with the private sector;
  • the Laboratory will not use any funds pursuant to this program to augment any federally funded research;
  • the Laboratory will not knowingly pursue any projects that include facilities or equipment that would create more than nominal future burden on DOE resources to maintain and/or operate.

A gift from nongovernmental entities earmarked for a specific research area or for a principal investigator is subject to the financial disclosure provisions of the Political Reform Act of 1974. Questions regarding these provisions should be referred to the Laboratory Conflict of Interest Coordinator.